Bowgrass Tinting Pastes

bowgrassbannerBowgrass Tinting Pastes

The Bowgrass range of Tinting Pastes have been specifically formulated to easily disperse into the Bowgrass Regular and Supreme.

Available in one litre bottles in the primary colours of Blue, Yellow and Red as well as Green for line cover-up, Bowgrass Tinting Pastes can be intermixed to produce a comprehensive variety of colour shades.


Whilst universally compatible with all line marking machines, Bowgrass line marking paints have been specifically developed for optimal performance through the Bowcom range of line marking applicators, including the revolutionary GMX electric line marking machine and Trike.


Mixing Instructions:

Tinting paste to be used with:

-Bowgrass Regular (preferred) or

-Bowgrass Supreme


Recommended Dilution Rates:

Dilute White paint 1 : 8 to 1 : 10 (Paint/Water)

Add tinting paste until desired brightness is achieved