Bowgrass – Supreme


Bowgrass Supreme

Bowgrass Supreme offers the ultimate in premium quality linemarking concentrate.

With over 22 years experience in manufacturing linemarking concentrates, Bowgrass Supreme represents the pinnacle in both performance and durability.

Highly concentrated, Bowgrass Supreme offers a ‘Dual Use’ benefit.
Even with dilution rates of up to 1:10, Bowgrass Supreme produces an exceptionally bright durable line. However if required, Bowgrass Supreme can be diluted at a ratio of 1:5, presenting an unsurpassed premium coverage quality that will obliterate any previous markings.

An added benefit of such versatility, Bowgrass Supreme significantly reduces both storage and transportation costs whilst maintaining outstanding coverage and performance.

Bowgrass Supreme Concentrate remains the preferred choice for high profile sporting venues both in the UK and Europe, and was used successfully in South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where only the ultimate in linemarking technology would suffice.


Specification ChartBowgrassSupreme

Application Method: Spray

Pack Size: 15 Lt

Pallet Volume: 44 x 15 Lt

Specific Gravity: 1.65


Recommended Dilution Rates:

Re-marking: 1 : 5     (Paint/Water)

New Marking: 1 : 3     (Paint/Water)

Characteristics: Premium Quality & Coverage, Bright, Weather Resistant


Whilst universally compatible with all line marking machines, Bowgrass line marking paints have been specifically developed for optimal performance through the Bowcom range of line marking applicators, including the revolutionary GMX electric line marking machine and Trike.