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Professional line marking technology

With over 30 years of experience internationally, Bowcom are one of the world’s most respected line marking companies and have become synonymous with the ultimate in line marking technology. From manufacturing premium quality line marking paints & concentrates, through to their range of innovative line marking applicators, the Bowcom product range provides total line marking solutions for the global line marking sector.

Bowcom SA was started in 2009 upon the request of various turf grass managers contracted to maintain the 2010 World Cup soccer pitches.  The turf grass managers were looking for a line marking paint and equipment that would meet the highest specification required for this prestigious event.  As a result Bowcom supplied paint and/or equipment to 8 of the stadiums used during the 2010 World Cup as well as numerous of the practise pitches used during this period. Click here for amazing video footage from turf grass managers STRI.

Since then we have grown to be a trusted supplier to councils, schools, contractors, national and international sporting institutions and major sporting championships.  Bowcom have built a reputation for precision, quality and innovation supported through it’s on-going commitment to:


The highest levels of product performance

Exceptional customer service

Industry leading product development and design